White River Township District 8:


Photo taken November 26, 2021. From the author’s collection.

In 1865, the White River Township District 8 school was located on David Heaston’s land, at the west side of what’s now North County Road 300-West, about a quarter of a mile south of the Bellefontain and Indiana Railroad (Warner, 1865). 

An 1882 map shows the schoolhouse in the same location, on land owned by the Curry family (Tucker, 1882), but a new schoolhouse had opened at the southeast corner of West County Road 200-North and North County Road 500-West a year before the map’s publication (Hinshaw, 2008).

The schoolhouse closed in 1912 and its students were sent to the consolidated Lincoln school which had been built nearby in 1909. 

Over the years, the school was commonly known as Dull, Heaston, and Williams. The name “Dull” seems to have been what stuck with its patrons the most, as newspapers frequently advertised its reunions by that name alone (School, 1923).

In 1914, the old District 2 structure was purchased by I.L. Poyner, who moved it across the road and to the south, where it was converted to a home (Hinshaw). Today, the has been added to and is used as a shed- the portion to the left of the tree with the window is original.


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