White River Township District 16:


Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The District 16 school was located at the northeast corner of what’s now South Indian Trail and West County Road 200-South as early as 1865 (Warner, 1865). Nine years later, it stood at the same site, on the land of a J. Maggard. Its proximity to land owned by Philip Kabel gave the District 16 school its common name, Kabel (Griffing, 1874).

In 1879, a new District 16 schoolhouse was built on the land of S.A. Clayton (Tucker, 1882) at the northwest corner of West County Road 100-South and South County Road 625-West, otherwise known as Indian Trail.

The District 16 school closed in 1903, but reopened for a brief period before it was shuttered for good in 1907 (Hinshaw, 2008). It was sold two years later and apparently was moved across the road to where it now stands as a residence (Randolph, 2022). 


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