White River Township District 15:

Green/Green’s Station

Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

White River Township’s District 15 school first stood on the land of W.S. Green, south of Sparrow Creek on the west side of what’s now South County Road 400-West (Warner, 1865). Over time, its patrons began to refer to the establishment as the Green or Green’s Station school (Shaffer, 2018).

In 1874, the schoolhouse was located at the northwest corner of South County Road 400-West and West County Road 50-South, on land owned by Solomon Mosier (Griffing, 1874).

The extant schoolhouse was built in 1898 (Shaffer), twenty-one years before it closed in 1909 when its students were sent to the Lincoln consolidated school two miles northwest (Hinshaw, 2008). In 1912, the building was purchased by the Poplar Run Monthly Meeting, under which the New Dunkirk Congregation was established (Shaffer). As a Quaker meetinghouse, a west wing was added to the building in 2012, followed by an extension of the sanctuary -the building’s former classroom- six years later (Shaffer). 

Today, the building is still used as a meetinghouse under the auspices of the Sparrow Creek Friends Church. The footprint of the original structure is relatively apparent despite its several additions.


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