White River Township District 10:

White River/Hiatt

Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

White River Township’s District 10 school emerged from a schoolhouse that was one of Randolph County’s earliest, operated by Quakers in the early 1820s in conjunction with the White River Friends Meeting of Quakers (Hinshaw, 2008). 

The church was originally located at the southeast corner of East County Road 100-North and North County Road 100-East (Warner, 1865).  

Sometime around 1861 (Randolph, 2022), a wood-frame public school known as White River or Hiatt after its landowner (Tucker, 1882) was erected on the northeast corner of the intersection. A Friends school operated concurrently in fits and starts (Hinshaw), but the District 10 school was used for nearly fifty years before it closed in 1911. The students of District 10 left in order to attend the consolidated McKinley school east of Winchester (Hinshaw).

The old District 10 school has been remodeled and added to several times over the years. Today, it’s used as a home.


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