West River Township District 2:

Buena Vista

Photo taken February 21, 2022. From the author’s collection.

The town of Buena Vista was first recorded in 1851, and its first store followed three years later. As of 1882, the town was home to two stores, a smithy, a saw mill, a tile factory, a wagon shop, a church, a post office, fifteen houses, and seventy-five people (Tucker, 1882). The post office was known as Cerro Gordo (Greene, 1965).

In 1865, the Buena Vista schoolhouse -West River Township District 2- sat on the land of Robert Sumner Starbuck, on the east side of what’s now South County Road 500-West just south of Farquiner Ditch (Warner, 1965). 

The schoolhouse closed in 1906. It was sold two years later and was moved about a mile south to Clyde Hunt’s farm to be used as a barn (Hinshaw, 2008). Today, the school still stands on the farm, used for agricultural purposes. 


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