Wayne Township District 6:


Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

It appears as though the Turner family first deeded land to Wayne Township for the construction of its District 6 school. In 1865, the structure sat on the south side of what’s now East County Road 100-South, three-quarters of a mile west of South County Road 650-East (Warner, 1865). Used until 1883 when it was moved to the Ernest Turner farm to be used as a shed, the first District 6 school was of frame construction (Hinshaw, 2008). 

In 1884 a replacement was built at the building’s current site, the corner of South County Road 650-East and East County Road 100-South, just west of Boundary Pike (Hinshaw). Though it’s likely that the previous schoolhouse was known as Turner, its successor was called Shockney after the family who provided its land (Tucker, 1882). 

The District 6: Shockney school closed in 1910. Due to its location near the center of Wayne Township, the plot of land the school sat on was used as the site for the Wayne Township Consolidated School, built just northeast of the schoolhouse and dedicated in January, 1913 (School, 1913).

As occurred in several other townships, the 1884  schoolhouse was retained when the consolidated school was built in order to be remodeled into a residence for the new building’s custodian. 

The consolidated school closed in 1957 and was apparently used to raise chickens in for several years prior to its demolition (Stump, 1991). Today, a boulder just north of the old schoolhouse on South County Road 650-East marks its site. Its foundation is visible in satellite imagery.


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