Wayne Township District 12:


Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The village of Bartonia was recorded in 1849 at the intersection of the Richmond Pike and the Greenville & Winchester Road, now known as East Greenville Pike and South Area Pike, or South County Road 700-East, respectively. At one time, the town was home to two stores, a smithery, a cabinet shop, a turning shop, a post office, a church, and two doctors (Tucker, 1882), though as early as 1882 it was already in decline.

There was no schoolhouse at Bartonia in 1865, as students in its proximity were served by early schoolhouses at Districts 7 and 9 (Warner, 1865). A new District 12 school, though, was built in 1881 (Hinshaw, 2008) on land owned by T.S. Kenyon (Tucker) immediately south of the community’s cemetery.

The schoolhouse closed in 1913 and its students were sent to the consolidated Wayne Township School which had opened that January (School, 1913) about two and a half miles northwest on South Boundary Pike. 

Today, the old District 12 schoolhouse at Bartonia is a home. 


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