Washington Township District 12:


Photo taken February 21, 2022. From the author’s collection.

Washington Township’s District 12 schoolhouse was located in Bloomingport, a small community between Lynn and Carlos alternatively known as Bloomingsport or Blooming Port (Pitts, 1997). Built in 1879 south of the intersection of West County Road 950-South and Bloomingport Road, the schoolhouse was scheduled to be remodeled in 1915 in order to allow it to take in the students of the closing schools at districts 11 and 14 (Hinshaw, 2008). 

Instead, township officials condemned it in order to build a larger schoolhouse that could accommodate the students from districts 8, 9, 11, 12, and 14 (School, 1917).

The consolidated school at Bloomingport closed thirteen years later when its students were sent to attend classes at Lynn, a larger community 4.5 miles northwest (Winchester, 1930).

Though the 1917 schoolhouse stood for some time and was used by a religious organization that called it the Bible Deliverance Temple in the 1960s (Brantley, 1962), it is no longer standing.

The 1879 schoolhouse remains. Today, it’s a home. 


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