Ward Township District 6:


Photo taken July 27, 2021. From the author’s collection.

In 1874, Ward Township’s District 6 school, called Weimer, was located on the land of J.M. Warren, just north of the Weimer cemetery on the southwestern corner of East County Road 700-North and North County Road 300-East. Both the cemetery and schoolhouse likely received their names from Daniel S. Weimer, the farmer who first owned the land that they were established on (Griffing, 1874). At one point, 700-North continued west past the cemetery before turning south and connecting to what’s now Indiana State Road 28 (Tucker, 1882).

The first schoolhouse was likely frame, and it was replaced in 1887 by the brick building that still stands at the southeastern corner of the intersection. 

The District 6 school closed in 1914, when its pupils began to attend classes at Saratoga, which had begun to absorb all students from the eastern side of Ward Township (Public, 2018). In 1917, the township sold the shuttered schoolhouse to private interests (Hinshaw, 2008).

Today, the building appears to have been most recently used a dwelling.  


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