Ward Township District 11:


Photo taken December 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Ward Township’s District 11 schoolhouse was commonly known as Shakerag. In 1874, the schoolhouse sat on Benjamin Clevenger’s land (Griffing, 1874), but by 1882 a community called Goodfield had sprung up around it that consisted of several homes, a mill, and a Christian Church (Tucker, 1882). Over time, the burgh -and the school- got the unusual name of Shakerag in reference to a farmer’s wife who commonly shook a white rag to signal the men to come home for dinner while they worked (Cupp, 1986).

The school, a frame structure, closed in 1918 (Hinshaw, 2008) when its students were split between the consolidated Jefferson and Saratoga schools that first opened in 1911 (Public, 2018).

Today, the District 11 school is used as a home. 


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