Stoney Creek Township District 5?:


Photo taken February 21, 2022. From the author’s collection.

Through at least 1882, Stoney Creek Township’s District 5 school, called Hubbard, originally sat on West County Road 150-South, a quarter of a mile east of North County Road 900-West (Tucker, 1882). Thirteen years later, or possibly earlier, it was located on County Road 800-West -now Indiana State Road 1- half a mile south of West County Road 100-South (Hinshaw, 2008). 

In 1907 the schoolhouse was made one of two poling places of a newly-divided Stoney Creek Township. The other was the District 2: Windsor school (Randolph, 1907).

Miss Flora Pearson was the teacher when the school opened for the 1913 term (Stoney, 1913).

The 1913-14 term was to be the Hubbard school’s last: it closed the following year once average attendance dropped below state-required levels. After the building was sold in 1917, it seems to have been relocated three-quarters of mile south where it was repurposed into a house (Hinshaw). 

The original schoolhouse was a rectangular structure with one story, two chimneys, and a cross-gabled roof surmounted by a belfry. As depicted in a vintage postcard, it looks nothing like the house that was purported to be the old schoolhouse, moved to its new location, in the reminiscences of Tom Fisher conducted on June 28, 2006 by Greg Hinshaw. 

It seems likely that the schoolhouse was disassembled and its materials were used to construct the present-structure 3/4 of a mile south, which was apparently built in 1916, shortly after the schoolhouse closed (Randolph, 2022). 


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