Stoney Creek Township District 4:

Cedar Creek

Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The Cedar Creek schoolhouse, Stoney Creek Township District 4, was originally associated with the Cedar Creek Friends Meeting and originally stood on the west side of South County Road 1000-West. After John H. Bond deeded a portion of his land in 1872 (Griffing, 1874), a new schoolhouse was built at its present site at the southwestern corner of Base Road and South County Road 950-West (Hinshaw, 2008). That building, extant today, sat immediately south of the Cedar Cemetery and just west of where a new meetinghouse would be built in 1881 (tombstone2c, 2010).

In 1898 a new District 8 schoolhouse was built on Windsor Road that was designed to be large enough to also absorb the students of the District 8: Amburn school, which was closed. That year, the 1872 schoolhouse was acquired by the local Farmers’ Mutual Benefit Association to be used as a lodge hall (Hinshaw).

The 1898 District 4 schoolhouse closed upon the opening of the new Stoney Creek Township Consolidated School in 1916 (Fine, 1916). It is no longer standing.

The Cedar Creek Friends Church was closed in 1975 (Public, 1975). Today, both the 1881 meetinghouse and the 1872 school still stand as private residences.


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