Nettle Creek Township District 10:

Wood/Isaac Wood

Photo taken March 2, 2022. From the author’s collection.

Nettle Creek Township’s District 10 school was originally situated on what’s now South County Road 900-West, just south of West County Road 500-South on land owned by the Scott family (Warner, 1865). In 1868, it was relocated to its present location on the land of Isaac Wood (Hinshaw, 2008). Two years later, it was relaunched as a school for African-American pupils.

Isaac Wood was born in Virginia in 1818, the son of a slave who bought his freedom. Arriving in Indiana in 1837, Wood worked for a farmer in Wayne County until 1845, when he moved to Nettle Creek Township and eventually owned 385 acres of farmland (Tucker, 1882). 

At some point prior to 1895, the school was renumbered as District 3 (Hinshaw). Eight years later, it closed in order for its students to attend classes at Modoc (Republican, 1888).


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