Jackson Township District 7:

New Lisbon

Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The town of New Lisbon was laid out in 1848 and its fourteen lots were recorded in 1850. Though it was once home to two smithies, two stores, a cabinet shop, a hotel, a saw mill, and as many as twelve houses, the coming of the railroad and subsequent prominence of Union City destroyed any possibility of future growth for the town (Tucker, 1882).

By 1865, a schoolhouse -then known as District 9- was located on what’s now East County Road 500-North, half of a mile south and a quarter of a mile east of New Lisbon, just across the Little Mississinewa River (Warner, 1865). 

John Gettinger and Aaron Summer built a new schoolhouse in 1866 (Hinshaw, 2008), though a new schoolhouse, just south of New Lisbon proper and known as District 7, was located on the east side of North County Road 800-East in 1874 (Griffing, 1874).

The extant brick schoolhouse was built in 1890 and closed in 1917 along with the District 10 school at New Pittsburg. In 1950, the old school was renovated for use as a parsonage of the New Lisbon Christian Church (Hinshaw).

Today, the building is a home. 


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