Greensfork Township District 8:

Hart’s Glory

Photo taken November 30, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The site of what later became Greensfork Township’s District 8 school was purchased in 1847, when the school served the township’s District 2 (Hinshaw, 2008). In 1865, the school stood a quarter of a mile west of what’s now IN-227 on land owned by James Hart (Warner, 1865). Its association with the landowner is how the schoolhouse obtained its common name of Hart’s Glory, and by 1882, the schoolhouse reached its final designation as District 8. By that point, the school stood on land deeded by William Sasser (Tucker, 1882)

Despite popular attribution, the term “glory” seems to have no religious context in terms of naming schoolhouses. Rather, it appears to have been used as a gratuity towards the Hart family for designating their land as the location of this school.

The original schoolhouse was frame, and its replacement, a brick building, burned down in 1905 before being rebuilt as another frame structure (Hinshaw). 

The District 8: Hart’s Glory schoolhouse closed in 1919. After it was shuttered, the building was moved a mile north and a quarter mile east to its present location, where it was added to the back of a house. 

Today, the old Hart’s Glory schoolhouse, bizarrely, still stands as an addition to a home on East County Road 750-South.


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