Greensfork Township District 6:

White Hall

Photo taken February 21, 2022. From the author’s collection.

Greensfork Township’s District 6 school was first known as District 7. In 1865, it sat on the land of Archibald Armstrong at the southwest corner of what’s now East County Road 600-South and Boundary Pike (Warner, 1865). 

By 1874, the schoolhouse was surrounded by land owned by a T. Longfellow (Griffing, 1874), as it was in 1882 (Tucker, 1882). Over time, the school obtained the common name of White Hall, probably due to the whitewash applied to its bricks (Black, 2002) that the building featured until recently (Randolph, 2022). 

At some point around 1880 (Randolph, 2022), the old schoolhouse was moved across Boundary Pike and was converted to a home. The extant schoolhouse closed in 1906 when its students were sent to attend classes at Spartanburg.

Today, the old District 6: White Hall schoolhouse is a home. 


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