Green Township District 2:


Photo taken December 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The Randolph County Assessor indicates that Green Township’s District 2 schoolhouse was built in 1860 (Randolph, 2022). If this was the case, it was moved a quarter mile east from its original location on what’s now Indiana State Road 28 (Griffing, 1874) at some time after 1882, when it was shown at its original spot on the land of George Wise (Tucker, 1882).

The school’s colloquial name, Boots, came from the name of the man who originally deeded the township the land fo the building’s structure, David W. Boots (Griffing). 

Along with the schoolhouses of Districts 3 and 4, the District 2 school closed in 1911 when its students were sent to Green Township’s consolidated school a mile south, which had opened the year before. A 1912 lawsuit filed with the hopes of reopening the building was unsuccessful (Hinshaw, 2008). 

Today, the District 2: Boots school is Green Township’s last remaining one-room schoolhouse. It is presently a home. 


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