Monroe Township District 10:


Photo taken December 5, 2021. From the author’s collection.

William Summers deeded the land for the original District 10 schoolhouse, a log cabin, in 1857 (Fairview School, 1925). After a year, the log building was displaced by a frame building, and in 1889 the frame school was moved across the road to become a church when a brick schoolhouse was built on its original site (Fairview, 1925).

The Fairview/Summers school closed in 1923 after a consolidated school at Orestes was constructed to absorb the one-room schoolhouses of western Monroe Township (Orestes, 2003). That year, students of the former schoolhouse planned to hold their first reunion. 1927 brought a joint reunion between the Fairview, Olive Branch, and King’s schoolhouses at Gooding Grove, a mile west of Fairview (Reunion, 1927). At the time, residents of the area planned to purchase Fairview from the township in order to use the abandoned schoolhouse as a community center. 

Today, the building appears to either sit abandoned or be used for farm storage.


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