Union Township District 1:

Betterton/Cup and Saucer/Pleasant Corner

Photo taken August 10, 2021. From the author’s collection.

In 1880, Union Township’s District 1 schoolhouse stood on R.G. Betterton’s land a quarter of a mile north of the intersection of today’s East County Road 150-N and North County Road 400-East (Kingman, 1880). Because of its location, the schoolhouse was known as Betterton.

The extant schoolhouse was erected around 1900 (Madison, 2021) and by 1901 was visible in its present location on land owned by Lucy McCarty (Atlas, 1901). A brick struture, it was known as the Cup and Saucer school due to a unique brick design on its rear wall (Brenner, 2019). According to Madison County Historian Stephen T. Jackson, the schoolhouse was also commonly known as Pleasant Corner (Jackson, 2021).

The District 1 schoolhouse is absent from a plat map of Madison County that is believed to have been published in the mid-to-late 1920s so it likely closed prior to that time, consolidating either into Chesterfield a mile south or to the District 2: John’s schoolhouse a mile and a half northwest. In 1929, the John’s schoolhouse was so badly damaged in a lightning storm that local officials decided to abandon it and send its students to Chesterfield (Items, 1929), and a new consolidated school was built there the following year (McBride, 2008).

Today, the Betterton/Cup and Saucer/Pleasant Corner schoolhouse is a dwelling.


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