Duck Creek Township District 1:


Photo taken August 19, 2021. From the author’s collection.

In 1874, Duck Creek Township was home to six schoolhouses valued at a total of $2,500 (Harden, 1874). Improvements occurred, and by 1880 the township schools were valued at $3,000 (Kingman, 1880). One of these early schoolhouses was Duck Creek Township’s District 1, originally located on the southeast corner of North County Road 700-West and West County Road 1400-N. Built on land deeded to the township by the Waymire family (Kingman), the schoolhouse sat about four-fifths of a mile east of the Waymire cemetery. 

The first schoolhouse was replaced by a brick building at the northeast corner of the intersection sometime prior to 1901 on the land of A.H. Clark (Atlas, 1901).

 Like many one-room schoolhouses, the Waymire school served as a local event center, often hosting farmers’ meetings (Duckcreek, 1920) and civic gatherings (Notice, 1931). 

In 1926, the schools of Duck Creek Township closed and their pupils were conveyed to Elwood. All of them, including District 1, returned to service in 1928 after renovations were completed (September, 1928).

The schoolhouse was open as late as 1934 (Start, 1934) and appears on a 1936 highway map of Madison County (Madison, 1936). It closed sometime prior to 1939, when the township listed it for sale along with the former District 5: Dickey schoolhouse (Public, 1939). 

Today, the building is unrecognizable as a school (Jackson, 2021). It is currently used as a home. 


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