Anderson Township District 5:

Baker Hill

Photo taken August 28, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Anderson Township’s District 5 school received its common name, Baker Hill, due to its location at the apex of a highland near the modern-day terminus of Gun Barn Road at Moss Island Road (Davis, 1971). 

The extant school, one of Madison County’s few remaining frame schoolhouses, closed some time prior to 1883, when the services of Bailey Chapel Church -theretofore held in the old Moss Island schoolhouse- moved in. In 1895, a purpose-built church was erected nearby (Bailey, 1954).

After the congregation left, the old District 5 school was developed into a home (Jackson, 2021). It has been renovated and expanded.

A later consolidated schoolhouse that took students from the old Baker Hill and Moss Island schools was erected in the 1880s. It no longer stands (Jackson).


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