Anderson Township District 2:

Toll Gate

Photo taken August 14, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Built in 1879 (Madison, 2021). Anderson Township’s District 2 school -later known as District 9- was most often called Toll Gate, after a toll gate located nearby at the intersection of Alexandria Pike and what was once known as Goodykoontz Road (Former, 1961). In 1922, the District 1: Hughel school burned down, and its students were sent to Toll Gate (Former). 

A new Toll Gate school was built in 1927 and was hastily renamed Lindbergh after the famous aviator, a designation that Goodykoontz or Toll Gate Road also received (Larson, 1977). In the 1940s, the road was renamed “Lindberg,” without the ‘H’, due to the antiwar sentiment of its namesake (Bailey, 2011). 

For years after the school closed, the building served as the Toll Gate Inn (Ask, 1930), a restaurant. Today, the building is a house. The Lindbergh School that replaced it closed in 1982. It still stands, abandoned.


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