Pipe Creek Township District 1:


Photo taken December 5, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Pipe Creek Township’s District 1 school, known as Jobe, was built in 1895 to replace a frame structure. It, along with the Shiloh Friends Church immediately to the southeast, formed a small community there (And Now, 1969). The frame schoolhouse was on the same site as early as 1880- likely earlier (Kingman, 1880). 

In 1924, the school suffered serious damage from a storm that broke its window panes and blew its cupola off (Repair, 1924).

The District 1 school appears to have closed prior to 1925, when it was referred to as the “old Jobe school house (Friends, 1925).”           

It appears as though that after the building was closed as a school it was reused as a barn, possibly with several additions. Today, nothing but a foundation remains.


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