Lafayette Township District 9:


Photo taken August 9, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Lafayette Township’s District 9 schoolhouse, known as Closser, sits at the northeast corner of today’s West County Road 300-N and North County Road 500-W. In 1880, 300-N was known as the Anderson and Perkinsville Pike, a toll road that connected those two communities (Kingman, 1880). The schoolhouse got its name from the family that originally deeded its location to the township. 

A District 9 schoolhouse was built in 1878 (Jackson, 2009), though it seems as if the present structure was erected in 1899 (Madison, 2021). 

Along with the Prairie, Keller, Beech Grove, Elm Grove, Salem, and Florida schoolhouses, the Closser school closed in 1932 upon the opening of Lafayette Township’s Leach consolidated school, a six-room building erected near the center of the township (Leach, 1932). 

In modern times, the old District 9 schoolhouse has survived as a home. It has been added onto in such a manner that obstructs its original intent.


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