Lafayette Township District 12:

Florida Station

Photo taken August 9, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Originally known as Clark’s Station after the man who donated its land, Florida Station sprung up as a stop on the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, & St. Louis Railroad and was established in 1856. It was given its unusual name due to its swampy nature: A man, Tom Clark, paddled his way to the area from Anderson in a canoe.  The marshland, with its abundance of water lilies and dog roses, reminded Clark of the state of Florida (Jackson, 2019). 

By 1894, population increases forced Lafayette Township to establish a twelfth school district. A two-story, two-room building at Florida Station was erected to serve the area’s students (Jackson, 2009). 

Eleven years after the school was established  William Hollenbach, the teacher of the District 12 school, was arrested on a charge of assault and battery on one of his students, an orphan. Hollenbach pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $12.40 (Teacher, 1905).

Lafayette Township began plans to erect a new, consolidated school a mile west and a quarter of a mile north of Florida Station in 1929 (3, 1929). The new building, called Leach, was opened in 1932, leading to the closure of the Elm Grove, Prairie, Keller, Closser, Beech Grove, and Salem schools, along with Florida Station’s (Leach, 1932).

Today, the old schoolhouse is a home. 


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