Fall Creek Township District 5:


Photo taken August 19, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Fall Creek Township’s District 5: Lukens school was built in 1889 at the northwestern corner of what’s now South County Road 300-West and West County Road 1000-South, though a predecessor built in 1876 as one of Fall Creek Township’s first brick schools (Forkner & Dyson, 1914) sat on the site prior to that time (Kingman, 1880). The school received its common name after William A. Lukens, who deeded its land to the township (Forkner & Dyson). 

In 1906, the District 5 school was consolidated into the larger District 3 schoolhouse at Spring Valley about three and a half miles northeast (Elwood, 1906). The Spring Valley schoolhouse closed in the late 1920s as the second-to-last schoolhouse in Fall Creek Township to consolidate into Pendleton (Old, 1933).

After its closure, the Lukens school was renovated into a home. Its roofline was altered in the 1950s as a result of storm damage and it has been added to several times beginning in the 1970s (Wyatt, 2019).


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