Fall Creek Township District 12:


Photo taken December 29, 2021. From the author’s collection.

An early District 12 school, probably frame, sat on land owned by the heirs of Christopher Burdett, just west of the house at 5806 West County Road 800-South.

By 1880, a District 12 schoolhouse was located across the road and to the east on the land of Sarah Shaul at the corner of what’s now County Road 800-South and a portion of South County Road 575-West that no longer exists (Kingman, 1880). The Shauls and Burdetts were related by marriage (Broyles & Vielhaber, 2015), and the District 12 school took its common name from the Burdetts. The previous schoolhouse was used as a home for some time, though it no longer exists today.

The extant District 12 structure was built in 1898 (Madison, 2021), and by 1901 the schoolhouse sat on land owned by John B. Hays (American, 1901). 

Along with Districts 10 and 11, the District 12 schoolhouse closed in 1907 once Fall Creek Township contracted with the town of Pendleton to allow its students to attend the consolidated school there (School, 1927). 

Today, the District 12 schoolhouse is a home. 


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