Union Twp. District 6


Photo taken April 6, 2021. From the author’s collection.

On May 22, 1847 Thomas Johnson granted Union Township a portion of his property for the establishment of a District 9 schoolhouse in exchange for one dollar (Delaware, 1847). By 1874, the schoolhouse -located on the east side of North County Road 200-W about a half a mile south of Eaton-Wheeling Pike, was known as District 6, located at the same spot on property then owned by Richard E. Craw. Despite the change of ownership, locals still referred to the schoolhouse -a one-room frame structure which lacked a bell (Greene, 1965)- as the Johnson school for some time afterward (Helm, 1881). 

In 1884, Jesse Nixon granted the Union School Township an acre of his land at the southwest corner of Eaton-Wheeling Pike and 200-W for the construction of a brick school in exchange for $25 (Delaware, 1884). Eventually, the schoolhouse became known as the Nixon school (Greene). 

The District 6 school closed in 1902 when its students were sent to the two-room District 7 Pike Creek school two miles south (Kemper, 1908). By 1980, the schoolhouse was still standing, although it was missing its windows (Greene, 1980). 

Aside from several walls that remain standing, the building was mostly destroyed in October, 2000 after sparks from a cutting torch used on the front door ignited its contents (Wilham, 2000).


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