Salem Twp. District 8


The Salem Township District 8 schoolhouse, Moffett’s. Photo taken April 15, 2021. From the author’s collection.

There was no District 8 schoolhouse in Salem Township until 1880, when Lambert Moffett deeded the trustee land for one (Delaware, 1880). Prior to that, interested students probably attended school at Cross Roads about three miles away or at White Oak, two-and-a-half miles north on the Bell Creek Road (Kingman, 1874). In 1880, the brick Moffett’s schoolhouse was erected on today’s South Honey Creek Road. 

The 1880 schoolhouse measured 33 feet by 40 feet wide (Delaware, 2021). As did many, the schoolhouse served as a polling place during the early 1990s (Democrats, 1906). Unfortunately, not much is known about this school. It closed in 1904, and its students were sent to the District 10 school at Cross Roads (Kemper, 1908). The graded school at Cross Roads closed in 1920, when all of Salem Township’s students began attending classes at Daleville.

In the century since its closing, the old Moffett school has been retrofitted into a home. It is visible on Honey Creek Road just south of its split with Old Indiana State Road 67. 


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