Perry Twp. District 7

Photo taken April 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Perry Township’s District 7 schoolhouse still stands at the southeast corner of South County Road 800-East and East County Road 700-South. In 1874, the building was listed as the District 9 school on the land of Thomas Lindsey (Kingman, 1874). By 1881, however, Perry Township’s school districts had been renumbered and Helm listed Elma Brooks as the teacher of the brick District 7 schoolhouse at that corner (Helm, 1881).

While there is no record of the school having a known colloquial name, it’s possible that it was known as the McCune, Flowers, or Lindsey school after the succession of Section 24 landowners the school grounds sat on (Delaware, 1857). 

The District 7 school was the first in the county to consolidate when it closed during the fall of 1898 in order to send its students to District 8 on an experimental basis. Four years later, the combined school, along with Districts 2 and 6, requested to close in order for their pupils to be sent to District 9 at the center of Perry Township (Kemper). 

Today, the old District 7 school -expanded substantially over the years- is a home. 


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