Perry Twp. District 3


Photo taken April 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The first school on the site of the District 3 schoolhouse was built in 1853 on the land of Lafayette Whitney as the first in Perry Township to be constructed in response to a state law that provided for the operation of free, common schools (Helm, 1881). Originally numbered as District 4 (Kingman, 1874), the school was frame, and classes were taught by Jane Branson (Helm). 

It appears as though the frame schoolhouse was replaced by a brick structure in 1859 (Delaware, 2021). By 1881, all nine schoolhouses in the township were brick (Helm) and the school was designated as District 3. Locals knew it as the Rees schoolhouse due to its location on land originally owned by that family (Bradbury, 1935).

Along with District 4, the District 3 school closed at the end of the 1905-06 school year in order for its students to attend the new consolidated District 9 school (Kemper, 1908). Bertha Bryan, of Muncie, was the last teacher (Delaware, 1905). 

Photo taken June 3, 2022. From the author’s collection.

The schoolhouse served as a home for years after it was constructed. After many years of abandonment, the building was demolished in 2022 after it and an adjoining property were sold.


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