Monroe Twp. District 7


Photo taken April 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Though never platted, a small community sprung up around the Macedonia post office at the intersection of East County Road 700-S and South County Road 200-E. A cemetery has existed in the area since 1840, but by 1881, William Suit operated a store there and a Mr. Gross acted as the village’s blacksmith (Helm, 1881). A post office inside the store was discontinued in 1890 and the community subsequently shriveled up (Kemper, 1908). At some point later, the United Brethren Church immediately east of the cemetery was torn down to supply lumber for a grocery store on US-35 (Hillman, 1986). 

Aside from several houses and the cemetery, the only remaining building to mark the site of Macedonia is the old District 7 schoolhouse there. Though the structure’s location is ambiguous on the Kingman Brothers’ 1874 map of Delaware County, but by 1887 it stood at its present location on the land of Lydia Benbow (Griffing, 1887). In 1881, Margaret Marshall was the teacher (Helm). 

It’s thought that the present building dates to 1900 (Delaware, 2021), though it was likely constructed earlier. Prior to its closure in 1920 (Delaware, 1920), a playground was located to the school’s northwest (Hillman).

The schoolhouse was the second-to-last to consolidate in Cowan, followed by Oakville in 1925. Today, the District 7 Macedonia schoolhouse is used as a barn.


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