Monroe Twp. District 6


Photo taken April 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Helm relates that, in 1855, David Courtney was paid $725 for building schoolhouses by the trustees of Monroe Township. Although the record doesn’t specify which schoolhouses he built, he was paid roughly three times what other builders were for constructing a single building. It’s likely that he erected three frame schools, or perhaps two if they were brick. These may have been the precursors to the District 6 school that was constructed on John Lenox’s farm (Kingman, 1874) around 1860 (Delaware, 2021) and took his name. 

The Lenox schoolhouse was the first in Monroe Township to consolidate. It did so during the fall of 1902 when its students were sent to Cowan (Kemper). At that time, the building was located on the Ross farm (Delaware, 2018). The building has been expanded several times and is now used as a home.


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