Monroe Twp. District 3


Photo taken April 15, 2021 (my brother’s 29th birthday!). From the author’s collection.

A predecessor to the Corinth schoolhouse is the McKinney schoolhouse, which was the site of the original Corinth church, located about a mile south of the current structure (Greene, 1959). By 1874, though, the District 3 schoolhouse was located as its present spot (Kingman, 1874). That District 3 schoolhouse was probably of wood-frame construction since the brick one sitting there today was built in 1875 (Delaware, 2021). That school was closed after the 1912-13 school year and its students were sent to Cowan (Delaware, 1913). For years, farmers used the building to store farm equipment and animals. A 1991 windstorm damaged the structure (Swickard, 1991). 

In 1992, Eleanor Miller and Helen Ross donated the schoolhouse to the Delaware County Historical Society, which had acquired the log White Oak schoolhouse six months prior (Alliance, 1992). The alliance proposed several plans for reusing the old buildings, including restoring both as museums, partnering with another organization to to do the same, or to sell them with facade easements to ensure their future lives (Alliance).

Norman Miller, whose father Terry attended school at the shuttered building, took the lead in restoring the structure along with the Delaware County Retired Teachers Association (Friends, 2002). The schoolhouse was restored with a new roof, cupola, and period-correct 1900-era internal accouterments in order to serve as a living history museum for area fourth grade students (Towns, 2002).


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