Harrison Twp. District 6


Photo taken April 6, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Its likely that the first purpose-built school in the township was in a cabin on the farm of Job Garner during the winter of 1834-35 (Helm, 1881). Five years later, Garner officially granted the township a portion of his land for the use of a schoolhouse (Delaware, 1840). The structure was located about two-fifths of a mile north of the town of Bethel on the west side of North County Road 775-West (Kingman, 1874). 

Beginning in 1852, most of the log schoolhouses of Harrison Township were converted to more substantial, frame structures. The town of Bethel -or Stout, as it was called after the surname of its postmaster (Kemper, 1908)- was never much more than a church, some houses, and an Odd Fellows’ lodge that also served as a grocery. In 1881, Helm listed the schoolhouse as District 6, taught by J. S. Muncey. 

In 1896 the District 8: Buncum schoolhouse was consolidated with District 8 (Denny, 1925), leading to the 1898 construction of the extant two-room building on Joseph A. Quick’s land (Delaware, 1900) a mile north of Bethel at the corner of North County Road 775-West and West County Road 500-North. 

As originally built, the structure consisted of two stories, a gabled roof, and a large belfry and spire that projected from its northeastern corner (Ball State, 2017). Unlike most one-room schoolhouses, Bethel was accredited to instruct pupils from grades 1-9, or through at least one year of high school (Spurgeon, 1995). Those choosing to continue their studies would have needed to take courses at a consolidated high school such as those in Gaston in Washington Township or Yorktown in Mt. Pleasant. 

The Bethel schoolhouse closed after the 1923-24 school year in order to consolidate into the new Harrison Township Consolidated School located a mile and three-quarters east. At that time, Hobart F. Black of Muncie was the principal and taught grades 5-8, while Edith K. Lewis of Alexandria taught grades 1-4 (Delaware, 1923). 

Shortly after the schoolhouse closed, it was remodeled into a dwelling through the removal of its belfry, peaked roof, and second story. Ruth Taylor -a former student- purchased the building and lived there until her death in 1977 (Services, 1977). Subsequently, her son lived in the structure until his own death thirty-one years later. 

Today, the District 8 schoolhouse is abandoned. In April, 2021, the current owner began demolishing the structure, though it still stands in compromised form as of September. 


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