Hamilton Twp. District 11


Photo taken April 14, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The communities of Shideler and Royerton sprung up around 1870 when the Fort Wayne, Muncie & Cincinnati Railroad was extended through the area (Kemper, 1908). Isaac Shideler, a railroad promotor, opened a store and post office near the Shideler station, but there was no school in the village: As of 1874, the closest Hamilton Township schoolhouses to Shideler were the District 2: Stafford schoolhouse and a schoolhouse on the land of Anders Cates, while the closest in neighboring Union Township were the districts 9 and 10 schoolhouses, Yount’s or Younce and Rocky Branch, respectively.

In 1880, a schoolhouse at Shideler -straddling the Hamilton and Union township line- was established in order to serve students from both areas (A view, 1880). The following year, Sarah Shideler deeded the land for the school at Lot 4 in Block 6 to the Hamilton School Township (Delaware, 1881). A schoolhouse was quickly built and organized as District 11 with Robert Stafford served as its first teacher. (Helm, 1881). In 1885, a brick school immediately east on lot 3 (Truitt, 1871) was erected (Delaware, 2021). It still stands today. 

By 1898 the school at Shideler was graded and known as Hamilton Township District 9 (Ellis, 1898). The following year, Hamilton Township began consolidating its schools, intending to combine all of them aside from District 3 and Shideler into Royerton (The Consolidating, 1903).

After the District 3 Gerrard school closed at the end of the 1915-16 school year (Delaware, 1916), Shideler was the only schoolhouse yet to consolidate into Royerton. It eventually did, though, at the end of the 1922-23 school year. James Dragstrem of Eaton was the last teacher there (Delaware, 1923). 

In 1946, Muncie Star columnist Dick Greene solicited his readers to compile a list of all of the old schoolhouses. Arlie Beeler of Shideler reported one, the “Quaker school building next door to his home,” then the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Shaffer and family (Greene, 1946). It is unclear as to whether that structure is the old District 11 schoolhouse that’s still standing or a different building. 


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