Hamilton Twp. District 10

Common name unknown

Photo taken April 14, 2021. From the author’s collection.

Though Helm listed the schoolhouse at Royerton as District 10 in 1881, a redistricting occurred that made it number 8. In 1897, Milton Hamilton deeded a portion of his land on Riggin Road to the Hamilton and Center School Townships (Delaware, 1897). Shortly after, a schoolhouse was erected as Hamilton Township’s new district 10 (Ellis, 1898). It’s unclear as to whether or not the schoolhouse had a common name. Some were just referred to by district.

As per Hamilton’s unique grant, students from both Center and Hamilton townships attended class there. Unfortunately, the schoolhouse was only open for four years before it was abandoned. In 1901, Hamilton Township patrons of the school petitioned Trustee Bloss to be conveyed to the school at Royerton, which they were. One of the last teachers at the District 10 school was D.M. Lovett (A Country, 1900). 

Without a schoolhouse, Center Township Trustee Dragoo was forced to arrange his pupils to attend school at Riverside (The Consolidating, 1903) just north of Muncie. Center Township students from the old District 10 school were then sent to Whitely during the 1905-06 school term (Kemper, 1908). 

In 1938, the Hamilton Park addition was platted around the schoolhouse (White, 1938). In 1943, George H. Trego purchased the schoolhouse, restoring it as a home (Wingrove, 1971).


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