Delaware Twp. District 9

Valley College

Photo taken September 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

In 1870, Francis Sipe deeded the Delaware Township Trustee a portion of his land for the construction of a District 9 schoolhouse (Delaware, 1870) on what’s now North County Road 400-East about a quarter of a mile north of East County Road 350-North (Kingman, 1874).

Rural common schools sometimes were known as colleges (Greene, 1980), and the District 9 schoolhouse was called Valley College (Greene, 1976). The current structure was built as a replacement for the original in the mid-1890s (Ellis, 1898).

Albany -the area’s largest community- maintained a separate school system from the remainder of Delaware Township, so as the village of Desoto rose to prominence it became obvious as the ideal location for a centralized, consolidated school. As early as 1900, Districts 4, 8, and 9 petitioned District 11 at Desoto to let them to send pupils there. Unfortunately, the small size of Desoto’s frame building made the arrangement impossible (Kemper, 1908).

In 1905, students of the District 4 school were sent to Valley College, but the consolidated school wasn’t graded (Kemper). In 1907, Districts 4 and 9 petitioned District 11 to consolidate again. This time, a $13,000 four-room schoolhouse was erected in Desoto (Ask, 1907) to accomodate the requests and the Valley College schoolhouse closed after the 1905-06 schoolyear. E.H. Brewington of Albany was the last teacher there (Delaware, 1905).

The District 9 Valley College school is one of the few remaining frame schoolhouses in Delaware County. In 1976, it was used for storing grain and farm implements, having recently been repainted and repaired (Greene). Today, it appears to be abandoned.


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