Washington Township District 8:

Lillibridge/Washington Township Consolidated School

Photo taken September 1, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The extant Washington Township schoolhouse was built in 1923 (Dr. Moyer, 1923). Its completion was hampered by a difficult construction process delayed due to a railroad strike that limited the supply of bricks (Strike, 1922) as well as a damaging wind storm (Hartford, 1922). 

The school -consisting of six rooms, a heating plant, and basement- cost $30,000 and was built by J.F. Wilde & Company from Indianapolis (School, 1922). It replaced the District 8: Lillibridge schoolhouse, which was sold along with the abandoned District 1: Ratliff school in 1924 (Montpelier, 1924). The Lillibridge name came from a prominent family of local farmers who likely originally deeded its land.

In 1938, the Washington School took on several students from the Licking Township District 1: Bailey school, which burned down the previous winter (School, 1939). Five years later, the Washington School absorbed the students of the Licking Township District 2: Gadbury school, which also burned (Gadbury, 1943).

The Washington Township school closed in 1953 and its students were sent to a larger structure at Roll (Blackford, 1955), which became the Washington Township school before its closure after the 1961-62 school year (McBride, 1996).

After the Lillibridge/Washington Township school closed, it was used as a warehouse for Criss, Incorporated. In 1974, the roof was ripped off in a tornado, causing $100,000 in damage (Storm, 1974). 

Today, the building’s former status as a schoolhouse is not obvious.


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