Jackson Township District 3:


Photo taken December 24, 2021. From the author’s collection.

The extant Dildine school was built in 1921 (Blackford, 2021) as a replacement for a previous building on the same site. For some reason, a 1905 plat map of Blackford County lists both the Dildine School -then located on the land of J.F. Wentz across from Joseph Dildine’s eighty acres- and the Markle schoolhouse two miles northeast as serving District 3 (Hixson, 1905). 

Built by the local construction firm Clamme Brothers, the school was nearly identical to the school at Trenton, which was built around the same time (Album, 1994). 

In 1959, seventy-six students attended classes at Dildine (Hartford, 1959). Despite this, the District 3 school closed either the following year according to the family that purchased it, or in 1963 when its counterparts -the schoolhouses at MIllgrove and Trenton- shut down in order to send students to a new Jackson Township Elementary opened two miles to the west (New, 1964). 

After its closure, Carl and Lucille Sandhoe purchased the old school for $3,000, intending to demolish it. Eventually, the family converted the structure into three apartments (Routledge, 2001). Interestingly, the extant structure is thought to be haunted (Routledge).


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