New for 6/3/22

A member of my Facebook group FOUND Muncie, Steve Copeland, advised me that the Perry Township District #3 schoolhouse, commonly known as Rees or Edgewater, had been demolished in the past few weeks. I hadn’t been out that way in a while, but darned if he wasn’t right. There’s no trace of the 163-year-old structure.

I hate to be editorial, but this was always one of my favorite old schoolhouses given how it looked in the summer- the overgrowth enveloped it in such a mysterious way. Now there’s no overgrowth and no schoolhouse.

I’ve been just too late to document several old schoolhouses in East-Central Indiana, which validates the work Ive done. I’ve updated the roster and maps, but read this lost building’s history here:

Delaware County’s Perry Township District 3 Schoolhouse: Rees/Edgewater

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