Research Update- 3/8/22

Beyond what’s visible on this blog, I’ve been doing a lot of research. Here’s what I’ve uncovered:

I believe I’ve been to every extant schoolhouse in Randolph County except for one, the Greensfork Township District 12: Pocket school. It was relocated to a nearby farm after its closure and I’ve got to go there to take a picture. I’m still cranking through Randolph County, though, and I expect to be finished very soon.

In Jay County, I’ve found 28 schoolhouses and have been to 27. I think I’m 90% there for full coverage of the county.

After Jay, my next county will be Hamilton. The schoolhouses there are a drying breed these days, and I’ve found 14 that still stand if Google’s street view imagery is to be believed.

I’ve also found 14 schoolhouses in Grant County and 19 in Henry County, but I’m going to put those counties on hold. After knocking out 3/4 of Adams County’s townships, I believe I’ve already found more than 14 remaining schoolhouses there, so that will probably be next after Hamilton.

Here’s my map of the extant schoolhouses of Hamilton County, Indiana, as of this post:

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